Wednesday, July 20, 2011

can't you see it ?

Just wanna tell you how was my mood on 19th of July. how was it ? can you guess it ? i was excited of course, class party, and it's two class combine together !i was so excited about it! haha at first i thought that my class only has KCF to eat, but Mr D asked us can we combine class, we answered 'of course' !

* Smile - TeeHee - Muacks *

Special moment for special people. i'm thinking of tomorrow, because there's another class party ! i will bring dessert for my class. Life goes on, although i knew that i was unhappy, July gonna end, August is coming, my friends will go back to their hometown after final exam, sad case. i scared of lonelyness. work or watch drama at home ? anyway ... final exam - hello ..

Heard from my friends,Rebecca Black has released a new song and it called My Moment, they said it's terrible than Friday... gonna listen it tomorrow, i want to download my taiwanese drama, korea drama !!! haha if you have listened, the new song of Rebecca Black, tell me what you feel ! thanks !

i hate the boy*

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