Thursday, July 14, 2011

shop for formal wear !

Last sunday went to 1 Utama with mom, although i already had 1 formal shirt, but it seems like not enough for coming presentation ... so i shopped for another 2 more formal shirts. Back to the topic, presentation, it's killing me, really, dam it ! gonna post the pictures of day. although already passed.

 Went into Vior Gallery look for formal shirt.
 Padini Concept Store ! always my first choice ! bought two formal shirts from Padini.
 Went to my favourite Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar ! You must try it !
 Different style !!! *MUST TRY*
 Pretzel Dog ! ( Popular )
 Almond Pretzel from Auntie Anne's
 Auntie Anne's !!! *FTW*
 i found out a new restaurant in One Utama ! gotta try it next time !
Price list of Seoul Garden

Shopped for formal wear, as i mentioned, two presentation coming, tomorrow and next week, after next week, final exam, after final exam, it's sem break people !no joke no joke, i hope daddy allow me go work !can't stand boredness !everyday at home !i'll be noob !i don't want to be noob kia !hahahaha good luck shinnleng :)

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