Thursday, July 28, 2011

steamboat & dessert with college friends part 1

All these pictures remind me of the last day of final exam, and also, my first semester has over,that day is the most happier day in my semester one.the happier's full of happy memories. now, i'm on holiday, nothing to do, unless i have a job, tomorrow going interview again. Let's talk about happier day ! *pictures*

First part of the pictures, i was one of the drivers, haha, i drove like mad and mad like a cow, hahahahaha, i didn't forget to camwhore !hahahaha my bear bear was inside the car with me too ! my car was dam freaking hot ! haha cause it's an old car, not a new look was as usual, cap & sun glasses !it's too fast that my sem one has been finished. i miss my friends a lot and lot !! After all about driving and camwhore time, it's time to show you pictures about our big big steamboat time ;p


We were the first customer of the steamboat restaurant, hahahaha, that day we didn't order any soft drinks, we ordered tea !like adult, haha we went there too early, hahaah since one fella needs to work at 6pm, that's the reason why we went there early !with 8 others people, had dinner, dessert time, it is the best time for me !i wish we had another chance to make it happens again !After steamboat time, we went to KTZ to have sai mai lou, my favourite dessert ! kiwi sai mai lou !

 will be continued in next post

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  1. Hee the last day of exam is a must celebrate date in our student calendar :P really early go eat steamboat leh xD