Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Of August

July is officially over. I'm still on semester break, about 5 weeks, I think it is too much for me, stay home doing nothing. Quite boring. People do project 365 for entire year but mine is a bit different with them, mine is "For August".

"For August", everything about August And what had happened during entire august, bored of listening English song recently .. Now I'm listening mandarin song, no emo .. Finish watching drama, mom nagging me to sleep early (¬_¬)

Why can't I sleep when I get tired ? Why can't I do my messy things when I hate it ? Why can't I ... too much stories , tons to tell, I gonna use my phone to blog everyday before I sleep xD save time, fastest, easier, happier...

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going Tar College for blood donation! I like this kind of campaign ! It helps the community or those who need our blood to save their life ! It is very meaningful, blood donation, just a small , little action , can save others life ! Isn't it cool ? I'm going !! I tweeted, posted, on twitter,Facebook,Instagram !!

* Good Night *

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