Tuesday, July 5, 2011

unforgettable community service task

I have done my community service last Saturday. I brought uncle and aunties out with my friends. This community service changes the view of my life. Just now i was doing the community service reflective essay and i feel like crying, think of them (people who are disabled) , they are kind people and why they were born to be disabled ? Life is unfair, it proof to us again and again.

I know i'm lucky enough that i can have dinner with my YIM family every Saturday, i have my grandmother, i love her so much and etcetc... Appreciate, this word reminds me...Disabled uncle & Aunty, they didn't give up on their life. They are stronger than me, i always cry when i face the problem which i don't know how to solve it by myself, i only know cry... I know how weak am i ...
Our life compare to those people/pets we helped in our community service, we know that we're lucky enough in this world, don't always blame about your life, we must think POSITIVE ! 
I can tell for sure, i love my family and my friends. Appreciate anything i'm having say thank you to every people who helped me. Smile. I want to volunteer for community service during my sem break. save money now and i can buy them their need for them :D and lastly, everyone please countdown for me ! 2nd of September !

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