Tuesday, July 12, 2011

talking to myself

♫♪♩♬ i'm all alone and i need you now ♭♫♪♬

Someone ar? where is romeo ? lost ? i thought someone can accompany me and won't leave me alone, but now, i'm alone, nonono, laptop accompanies me...that's all i think, phone, watch, mp4, hmmm...sometimes i hate myself, like fucking stupid, do & ask something stupid without thinking ...asshole, i'm wearing that fucking high heels, i want someone to accompany me! shittt, pftttt hor ! where are my buddies ?  suddenly i feel jealous of pretty girl... oh yeah i'm not pretty girl. 

Songs make people de day feel better...friends make me feel better,  as Avril Lavigne said - love hurts whether it's right or wrong - agree with it !i'm going to sleep in college i tell you, nothing else can do, forgotten to bring my math book, brain in fridge, my mind in his brain, his heart isn't with me...i can sing all the sad songs right now... he didn't gone, only with another girl. life goes on.

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