Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th Of August

how how how was it ? Today is the first time i work ! Well, it was my first time working, and there's no any friends work with me. I need to find out where's 1 Mont Kiara Mall, never heard before ... follow my phone's GPS, although i did a big turn (used a wrong way) but finally i found that place.. but the bad thing is i wait the boss for more than 1 hour ! damn it ... now, totally exhausted ! time to show ya' pictures !

Saw 11.11 
Skype With my friends in the middle of night 

Yesterday when i told my friends, i said, guys i need to sleep early, and my friends said, shinnleng you don't need to sleep early ! what the hell ! yesterday and today , i saw 11.11 twice, it's a luck sight ? i wish it's ! 11.11 i hope it wasn't a legal, all good things must come to me thank you so much !

the parking ticket of 1 Mont Kiara Mall 
Where i parked my car 

Arrived the place i work ! (^.^) i'm not alone because my bear bear was in car with me... hahaha such an action of an idiot !don't laugh at me, this is my habit ! the car park of 1 Mont Kiara Mall is just too narrow, what if people drive big car to there ? my car is small enough yet, it is just barely fit it. not that good weih ! 

Logitech promoter needs #Instagram
Mc Donal's Double GCB #Instagram
Monster Beats By Dr Dre  #Instagram

Work as Logitech promoter, i need to know what is the differences between the headphone, webcam and a lot of things, and product, first i went there to arrange the products and after that the ''boss'' taught me the differences, kinda tired and feel regret of working, tired max ! work from 10am to 10pm ! Isn't it a long day ? ok time passes fast, a quote ... stood there about 8 hours only 3 customers bought -.-tt whathedu ? haha actually it was a good day. i learnt new thing, new way to go mont kiara, a lot la ... and Monster Beats By Dr Dre omgeeeeeee it's my dream !! i want it so badly ! it's awesome shit !!! i want it >~< 

time's up !
drama time & sleep early 

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