Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd Of August

What i have done in 3rd of August ?ahermmmm ... something it's interesting !i can say so ! Yesterday i skype with my college friends from 1am to 3am ..gosh ! that's a long chat i don't know what shit we talked to each other's funny when we talked craps to each other, laughed loudly ! Boss said today wanna skype again as yesterday ! i quit, i don't want ! haha ! tomorrow going to work !

There's a lot of stories we talked yesterday night, guess what ? i'm going to seremban with friends, since i have to work ... ok !i can do it, just work for ten days, hahahaha , cheeerrrr ! i'm stronger than i thought !!!fight ~ btw now, it's just 3rd of August, when i can know my result, worry about it (>.<) .anyway, shouldn't let it bother me, i'm still figuring out where is the place i going to work, look at google map .. like a noobie (-.-tt)

pictures will be uploaded on tomorrow, due to 
downloading drama   haha 

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