Friday, November 11, 2011


So, what's going to happen on my 11-11-11 ? i'm asking myself this question over and over again. Seriously, is it important ? Actually this date got nothing special, if i spend with the right people everyday, it's meaningful for me as well, doesn't mean that only on this kind of specific date and it only shows how important the day is ... i got it, for me, i will make a wish for myself on 11-11-11. The wish is -I wish happiness never leave me behind- My October and November are just killing me slowly, all the assignment, presentation, group work, and so on ... I know the world ain't going to end, but, i really wish that i had the sand of time.

I want to return to the moment i was so happen when i spend with my beloved cousin, played in the swimming pool, those childish games, junk foods, happiness is just unstoppable. I didn't know how happy i was that time, i only remember, that time i don't have so many problem as i'm facing, i only remember, every week, i can go swimming with my cousin and eat a lot of junk food with them. Memories. Argh ... Time flies.

Now ? I'm a 18 year old girl, a teenage, has a lot of teenage's problem. Like the problem of friendship, relationship, studies ... and all of them just don't let me go. I'd like to give myself a day off, runaway from all these stresses, go swimming, look at the sea, feel the sea wind, feel the warmness, feel my own heart, feel myself, and listen to what my heart says. I could be as strong as the girl you thought, but once i start crying, it's like doomsday happens. In a sudden, no one knows what had happened, tears falling down, and a tearing face shown.

Guess what, i'm starring at my twitter timeline, looking at those who wished about 11-11-11. It really a meaningful day, but if you spend with a wrong person, it's such a waste. I really hope every one around me would be happy on 11-11-11, they happy, i happy, my wish is simple as that. Lastly, i don't know whathefuck myself is doing and crying for ? I can simply cry for no reason ... Is it been hurt too many times and then become like that ? Fragile heart .. Ping Piang ! Broken heart. Sometimes i wish i could be like a drunkard, drink alcohol like no tomorrow and sleep everywhere, didn't think too much ... easy come easy go ...

A night full of emoness, stupidness, loneliness, unhappiness, whathehell ? Tomorrow still have to go school, study and fight for myself. What la -___________- 11-11-11 only mah, who cares ? As long as happy then ok d la, shinnleng, you shouldn't think that much ... Everyone will leave you even your shadow does when in dark. Do not think everyone is important in your heart, maybe you do think they are so important to you but are they ? Every time this question just cross my mind without i notice. I'm so naive, one of my weakness ... My stupidly personality ... #foreveralone  111111

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