Friday, November 18, 2011

another miserable life

Bahasa Melayu ? Oh, you're freaking me out ! Seriously i hate you, you want me to write a 600 words essay ? Luckily it can be done with group-mate, or else, i think i will screwed by you ! Like wtf & wtf & wtf ! Hard to think of those BM words .. there are just nor in my mind, brain... how am i going to get it done, how many word left ? hemmm ... like another 40 words to go ! Fuck you k ? I had finished my English term paper, about 2000 words, i got no problem with it, only have problem with the APA system, another thing which makes me upset whenever i think of it...

Hello, November, aren't you promise me you will be nice to me ? Then why you still freak me out by quiz, final exam and presentation .. OH yeah, FUCK yeah ... actually, you don't have to read my blog, cause it's full of craps, non-sense, i don't wish those people i don't actually like read my blog, i know my post is kinda lap sap .. but this is the way i use to describe my life ... who cares ? I'm Shinnleng. Goshhh ! I don't have idea why every time i wanted someone to accompany me do something, it's just so hard to find someone willing to be the one 24/7 for me ... WAKE UP ! there's no such people in Shinnleng's life. I guess.

Someone please save me from here.

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