Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back To December

Life is just life a piece of shit. People fell down, stood back by their own. Sometimes things just happen suddenly, unpredictable, i guess, i really needed a break for myself. Depress ? Emo ? Oh ya, all kind of these down mood i'm having .. Listening emo song, not a good day perhaps .. Which chapter i'm currently in ? Which chapter of my life ? Sometimes i just wonder, does this world has a prince ? Save me away from all these mess things .. Thing goes wrong, people keep forgiving and forgetting .. i keep telling myself, everything will be fine, nothing will be wrong forever ..

Shinnleng, #2BeHonest i really don't like saying goodbye to my friends. Sem break is coming, they're leaving KL soon, again, i should have used to it since long time ago, but i just can't let them go, i scare of the #foreveralone i know i'm stupid ... Whenever i think of going to watch movie or have dessert, they are not around .. How sad ? Pwen leaving, Jaz as well .. i think i have to be strong, can't just rely on others .. Oh .. that's not good ! I mean it .. Been catching up with Vampire Diaries Season 1 & 2 .. done with them .. just started with Season 3 ! Damn it, this drama has so much of kissing scene, maybe this is the drama style in America ? I wonder ...

Now is December, everyone's back to December .. This year i hope i could go out to countdown with my friends, maybe Brian ? or who else .. I'm missing last Christmas, i spent with my beloved cousin .. This year would they spend with me ? I feel so lonely .. No doubt, J will be so busy after tomorrow's paper.. he got no time to talk to me ... Ze ze ze who else i can talk nonsense to ? Like ... no one already ? =.= This is not good, ok, decided to go Penang next week, haven't tell dad .. seems like nowadays i'm not asking him for permission, i just informing him .. i'm bad and i know it .. Back to study ..

My parents, i won't fail you. 

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