Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So how, 3 more days to final exam ? My mood is like roller coaster ups & downs .. I was so sad yesterday, yesterday totally wasn't my day, i got my term paper mark, it was 7.75/25, i was so sad, i deserve higher mark ! why the lecturer gave me such low mark ? how come ? i was thinking why ? My presentation was ok, 7.1/10, consider ok what, but compare it to my term paper .... i was speechless .. upset ... depress max :( i don't know how to tell my parent .. Panic, i have to score more than 22.5 in order to pass my advanced english, how to hell i can score more than half of the total mark, so tough !

One more thing is, i don't know whether my Economic presentation been screwed up or not ... The lecturer keep asking some question that we are don't know .. James was so sad, because of the graph .. i can feel how he upset .. I felt sad too .. So sorry, i was supposed to talk more about my slide, but some of the points i have forgotten ... I felt sorry to my group .. Economic is not that hard than i thought .. at least it is the higher mark i get among all my subjects .. sarcastic betul .. Ruined my day, just now when i wanted to drive out from parking there, but i almost lost my iPhone, lost my 100 bucks, was in a mess ! James didn't let me alone to settle it .. Luckily i found my purse .. otherwise .. i don't know how my mom going to scold me if i lost my phone :(

Finals coming, as well as holiday is coming, so originally i have planned to go Penang on 13th Dec, but my aunty asks me go Singapore, okay, just asked mom, she said ok, now what ? i probably postpone my Penang trip .. Sad that i can't look at the sea side and feel the sun, wind .. Nevermind, i gotta wait Brian after his final exam, me and him drive either one car go Kuantan beach ! hohohoho ! Brian is the best in my life, we are best friend ! He fetched me that day after movie, we planned to have snowflake, but due to the traffic jam, so end up, he sent back me to Jusco to get my car .. and back home .. that day was too tired sorry Brian ...

Day ends like that, Cts presentation > lunch > practice for Eco presentation > Eco presentation > In a mess > home > nap > on9 > study ... routine .. everyone believes in miracle ? i believe in it .. every second miracle happens, the problem is ... Did we realize ? I wanna say .. we learnt probability before, then we must know that how small the probability we can meet our love's one ?

Bye the time.
I wanna sleep. 

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