Friday, January 6, 2012

Relationship or Relationshit ?

Relationship or Relationshit people ? In my mind, a relationship is made by two people who love each other so much. But in real life, why seem like many people in a relationship for them to kill their boredness ? loneliness ? I'm so damn confused. Maybe i believe the fairy tales as well as i believe in for two people who are meant to be, eventually, they will be together. The sentence about relationship i believe in the most.

How about Relationshit ? Be in the relationship just for benefit ? It seems like one's just using another ? Isn't it ? This is an unfair relationship .. for me .. Maybe i don't have a real relationship with a boy, so the concept of relationship for me is still pure as water ... hahahaha white white white ... I know somehow i say '' I Love You '' like simply say it .. but I love you for me is just like for friends i love, love has many meanings ... Isn't it ? The definition for everyone is different la !

In school, a friend he told me he loves a girl so much, and he tried to make the girl to be his girlfriend. But he failed. I know he has tried so hard to make it. But why the world seems like still going on without the word - Forever - What the fuck is forever ? Girls, if you are reading this post, comment below tell me do you believe forever ... thanks =] I don't believe seriously, friend forever ? love forever ? but maybe family forever does happen. The only forever happens.

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