Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

You have no idea why i love them. not because handsome and pretty but the sweetness between them. I remember Elena said - Stefan you gotta try, if you not going to try, you gonna lost me forever - how sweet ? In real life, if and only if a person ever said to you. would you at least give a try ? For me, i don't really believe in the word - Forever - everything ends. Just depends when the period is long or short. Would you ever bothered ? Maybe in future, i don't hope someone says lot of promises when i'm in love with him. I prefer easy come easy go. Maybe i'm silly.

I believe too much of fairy tales. I know it wouldn't happen in real life yet i still believe it deep in my heart. Cinderella ? Sleeping princess ? Ugly little duck ? Omgeeeee, i get poisoned. I just hope ... people will not leave me behind or push me away from them. Like people i care of, i hate that suddenly they say they hate me for a non-sense reason ... You hurt me k ? I cry easily, feel touch because of something little and dotdotdot. I know god loves me, he's keeping the great one for me. Told ya, i believe in miracle.


  1. love it gooooo vamp diaries love that show team steleana