Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Bachelor Business Student like Me !

As i said, picture tells a story. A typical Malaysian girl, always go university at 6.30am whenever she has 8am class. That's me. New life, my degree life, is 123456789 times busier than i was in foundation. Ohhh i miss my foundation easy come easy go life ...  P/S : although i failed two subjects ... But that time life was so much easier than now. One thing to mention is that, i like this busy life. hahahahaha *conflict*

As a Bachelor Business student, in a short semester, i have to attend every lecture class. Hermmmm, sorry to my lecturer i have to skip class on this coming tuesday, because i need to go Sin Chew Company to settle with some sponsorship things. I'm busy. Talk to you guys next time ! *busy*

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