Sunday, November 4, 2012

Different faces ; Dark and Bright Sides

It's me. All me. Shinnleng Yim ! Yours truly hahahaha how about this picture ? Many faces of mine ... As a person, we live, eat, sleep, study, play and etc. I don't even think that everything i have is just lucky. Oh ya ! I'm not easy to please really, i'm a bad girl indeed. Sometimes i wish i could use my eyes to kill the person i hate ... but for now, i prefer peace ;p

People do not piss me, why do i need to curse them and not being nice for them ? It's unfair to them. I mean, for me, i rather be that kind of people which settle everything face to face instead of settle it silently then many drama come out in the end. I just don't like it. Now, it's November. I have to be a good girl, student, actor. Everything comes in November. For instance the script of my stage play. I'm so afraid that i get a character which i can't handle .. I just afraid .. But of course i know i can manage everything ;p

Harvard referencing ? APA referecing ? They can't be eaten, yet i have to figure out what are they ... i knew APA like 70% but i know nothing about Harvard referencing, kinda blur after i read online about its citation that part. OhmyyyyyyyyNovember ! I knew you can talk, but at least do good to me, don't left me hanging around and do nothing. *take a deep breath* i like the song by Kelly Clarkson - Catch my breath. Especially the lyric, catching my breath letting it go turning my cheek for the sake of the show now that you know this is my life i won't be told what suppose to be right.

 I guess this end up to be another shitty post hohoho, but who cares ? This is my blog hehehehehe ! People do not like me ? I wouldn't knee down to please them like me ! Hates gonna hate ! Lalalala, just a post i express my life, day hahaha... Looking forward to have high tea time with my lovely cousin. Also my brother is having his SPM on tomorrow, get A's please my bro !!! Don't shame jiejie ;p hahahahaha I'll treat you Starbucks i swear !! I'm a good sister ;p

Super done for craps. Thanks people. Night =] 

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