Sunday, November 4, 2012

Words to myself

Being a dreamer is good, what do you think ? I think we are capable to make dream comes true. In 100 percent, if you pay effort for what you have set, i think at lease you will get back something as return. When life gives you lemon ? Throw it back ! Why bother about the small lemon when you can buy a basket of oranges ? It's okay to dream, but please do not live in your own dream. The world is realistic, you have to be strong in order to knock down others who punched you before.
 Good thing comes to those who wait ... i always remind myself ;p
Current cover picture for my wugui account on fb *hehehehehe*

Say it ''Bitch please, karma will back to you'' MOVEEEEEEEEE ON !!!! 
*think positive guys !!!*

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