Thursday, December 6, 2012

Assignment time with iBooth

You'll never know how a person gone crazy while doing the effing assignment ! With my not-so-pale face, i do the assignment like rushing into hell ... The part i was doing not suppose to be done by me, yet i do it. Just because other doesn't know how to do ... I would admit it, if you say i'm a super good person, indeed, i am. Wednesday normally i have class from 12pm-3pm, i woke up at 1030am, then have to rush to school to get the black t-shirt i borrow from friend. Then, rushed to class, the talked already started (business talk) ... I wanted to listen it, but it was just a short business talk .. Ohgoshhhh ... Not enough ok ?! I want listen it, another part maybe ?!

Then after the talk was about 1.15pm, it was freaking early, because i have to wait in school till 7pm to have my stage play practice. To fill up my free time, i do the assignment, wait for my friend come over to my place, then save me .. Look at my face, i really was bored and i seemed lost .. That's what i observe from the picture i taken. I'm exhausting, i really am ... This week is the most busier week in this year. The debate competition i'm handling is starting this friday perhaps is tomorrow. Everything please do not mess up ... I pray hard for it, god bless me, i'm a good kid. Trust myself, i can do it. Everything gonna be okay ... Don't worry, Princess Shinnleng.

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