Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So stress of activities and exam !

 camwhore with iBooth totally is my kind !
 Not a good smile *hiding something*
*with the weird face, my favourite* 
*hohohoho, these faces,always my love, i always love how pattern i'm*

So this week i can finally settle at least one activities that is called Jing Bian 5 ! It's an Asia Debate Competition host by many people (well, only around 30) includes me lahhh ;p this competition can finally call it ends. I look at myself, how exhausting i'm. I have no appetite to eat any rice, or food other than biscuit and cornflakes. I don't know what's wrong in me. I only know that i have no appetite to eat ... But dessert ?! What was in my mind ? Till now, i still have no appetite to eat .. I mean, seriously, I shouldn't be like this, Mom's gonna worry me ... I guess ?

Next week, oh next week, final exam, and i'm still working on this debate activities lol ... Please don't die so soon Shinnleng ! <3 ah="ah" ahhhhh="ahhhhh" cam="cam" cute="cute" duper="duper" easy="easy" eco="eco" faces="faces" hahahahaha="hahahahaha" hehehehehe="hehehehehe" how="how" huh="huh" i="i" ibooth="ibooth" it="it" like="like" love="love" my="my" p="p" pattern="pattern" super="super" this="this" to="to" xd="xd">< My Acc can get Distinction or not ?! Oh please Lord !!!!! Give me this chance, i will do my best for it ! For myself. After this event, i promise myself i must prepare for my final !!! hehehehehe ! HELLLOOOOO ! Where is my love spaghetti ?! I love it ! I want eat a lot lot and a lottttt !!!! I can't live without spaghetti !!!!!

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