Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm in love with myself !

I'm in love, with myself. Hahahaha. Don't doubt that people. I just ... erm... excited ? hahahaha, cause i found the answer from the person been ignoring me lately. Though i felt sad at the moment he told me, but now, everything finally over. I'm still the happy girl. So ya ... Pretty girl rocks ! Hahahahaha ... Now comes to my official holiday ;p i'm a free bird ! Debate competition, final exam, all over, heeeeee ! super happy seriously !!! My life isn't that bored, today i went to nail saloon, did christmas edition for my nails. Not that obvious, but my friends say ... they do look like in christmas hahahaha. okayyyy ! I like that !

When i free, i will post a picture of my nails. hahahahaha, tomorrow going to watch movie with a girl friend. My sassy hubby. Then, friday !!! Going out with my lovely cousin, shopping !!! I wonder how my mom going to react when she knows i go shopping again. I'm waiting for mama at this timing ... Mama went China like again ... She was suppose to back at this timing, but she isn't here yet .. I'm thinking what mama gets for me from China :D hahahaha So, i'm listening Primadonna ! This song is ... awesome. All i ever wanted was the world, i can't help that i need it all. hehehehehehe I gonna find a man, who's been hurt before.

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