Friday, December 14, 2012

Men are from Mars or same as Microeconomics ?

I don't understand what boy is thinking all time, they are from Mars, so i have to be one to understands how they feel huh ? In the meantime while i was studying my Microeconomics, i wanted to chat with one of my friend, but he kinda like shut me off, then i felt unhappy ... Uhmm, now ok d, can i say mem just like microeconomics ? With a lot of graphs, i don't really like because for my easy, they considered complicated to me. What a dayyyy, final exam around the corner, i'm here updating this blog (-。-; Don't know how and don't know why, hope he didn't mean anything, hope everything was a wrong thought. So now, the debate competition already ended. Time to focus on final ! So yay, it's only two subjects, but if i want to get good grade i have to be more and more concentrate on them .. Other than final exam, i made reservation for medi-pedi ! yayyyy ! Finally i have time to call the person ... hehehehehe ^_^ People, give me luck in my final exam. Accounting, u aren't that hard huh ?! I know right !!! hahahahaha Y(^_^)Y Btw, i like the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. teehee !

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