Thursday, January 10, 2013

Because of boredom ?!

 people i can be weird with, i just love them ! 
As usual post, yours truly, with weird pose lol 
1 2 3 cheese, opps got 4 ? *failed*
 this is ermmm nice one ;p 
 I got you friend !!! Don't try to hide !!! :D

 the ''yeeee'' face !!! Did you see before ?!
they were bullying me !!!! with their hands !!! hahahaha so fake =____='' *failed* again !!!

Hello people, happy 2013. Just want to share you guys those pictures i taken during the empty time before i had my practice. hehehehehe as you seen, my weird faces and my round face never changed lol You gotta appreciate at least you have people to be weird with ... I appreciate it. Do you ? Oh ya, do follow my instagram !!!

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