Thursday, March 14, 2013

High tea time @ Komugi Café Pavilion

 I can't remember its name, but it doesn't taste good people. (not recommend)
 Looks nice huhhhh ;p 
 Even better hehehehe
 This one not bad ahhh, i forgot the name as well, all i can remember is only its chocolate taste, okok !
 Hello Kitty Cappuccino 
 Overbaked Cheese Cake (super tasty) ; Fruit cake

 Cakes & Breads 
Butterfly latte 

I had all these with my bunch of tuition friends, the best, they are. I love them because i can be weird as i want with them, hang out with them never bored. Nicholas, Dion, Puiyi ! hehehehe But the girl went back to Sydney study, soon, soon, she's coming back then we gonna catch uppppp ! dada ! My happy friends <3 p="">

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