Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Chinese New Year Movies in 2013 [Movie Review]

There are few Chinese New Year Movie to introduce and i gonna rate here, though Chinese New Year already ended. But i just gonna write out what is on my thought hehehehe *updating this dead blog* ;p dada should start blogging instead of crapping :O 

Journey To The West by Stephen Chow 
Rate : 7/10 

This story line is about how they started their journey to the west to get some Chinese bible books, there are many jokes inside this movie but the only thing i dislike about this movie is that ... all the graphics, kong fu parts, not that nice, and all of us (including me and my mom) we went to the cinema to watch this movie by Stephen Chow, we thought it had so much of jokes and maybe same funny line as some characters played by Stephen Chow, yet it doesn't have. We felt disappointed. 

Hotel Deluxe by Vincent Kuk Tak Chiu
Rate : 8/10

A good and fresh story line about what could happen in a hotel, it's an amazing movie and the feel of this movie is exact what we need for our Chinese New Year unlike others movies. This movie main characters played by Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, and others famous artists. Super recommend  you to watch this movie if you want to have a good time laughing ! ;p 

I Love HK 20013 by Chung Shu Kai
Rate : 6/10

The boring movie talks about the past of about every single character in the movie, i felt super bored and i felt asleep inside the cinema. I don't know whether is because i watched it during midnight or whatsoever reason, i don't like this story line, it makes people feel bored. You can watch it, if you think i make an error hehehehe. 

Once Upon A Time by Silver Chung
Rate : 5.5/10

This movie is about the past generation, and about some jokes of Malaysian cultures. I couldn't admit that this will be one of the movie i've wasted my money on. I went to watch this movie because my mom said we have to support local film, so we went. This movie has some stupid jokes, really dislike ... I don't know what you guys feel about it, i feel it sucks. Really a bad movie. 

These are the Chinese New Year movies i watched during my Chinese New Year ! Hehehehehe ;p hopefully a short update for who haven't watch, and use their money wisely to watch those movies which worth the money ^^ 

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