Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feel the sea ; Let me free

Went to Port Dickson Beach to do some survey [Lomo style picture]
 Did you hear that ? Inside of me screaming "let me free, i wanna some free air" 
Sea ; Beach ; Freedom ; Happiness [Vintage style picture] 

When i was in the Port Dickson Beach, i was so happy ... Everything went groovy, i remember my laughter, my stupidness, and everything of mine. Sometime i really think that, the place i'm living too stress for me, i hope i was a country girl, live in a place which i do not have to worry traffic jame everyday, the place gives me a lot of happiness. Not to say the place i'm living is not good enough but somehow i need a vacation, or just a getaway, then after few days, i'd back to what i'm suppose to do. 

The feeling of standing on the beach is awesome, all the happiness appear on my mind over and over again. All those memories remind me, i should count myself as a happy person. At the age of middle 19, i make myself stress out because of a so called big public relation project. In the project, many stuff involve money, i scare i screw up for no reason, then i keep reminding myself .... Telling myself, everything goes right, afterward i hear my mind telling me, nope it's not, check carefully, or else you're screwed. In the mean time, i need to deal with my final exam, i know ... This is the way i taken, i have to be responsible for all these matters ... I would not run away, but i guess i need much more time for myself to breathe. 

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