Thursday, April 11, 2013

One of the awkward moments after event !

Hello readers ! How you guys doing ? I have been living in stress life as in the past few months. Told ya all earlier, i want to fully enjoyed my university life here as i might be going oversea study for my last year degree. Here, i don't really like to speak out my heart because i feel insecure but, again, i can still share my personal life experiences to you guys. I decided to blog because yesterday one awkward moment happened. My senior told me that she found my blog (i don't know how she found as i didn't post to facebook), she asked me "hey ! why your blog only have movie review posts" I was like, omg you stalked me ?" hahahahaha considered awkward moment lahhhh ! Guys ! Don't you think so ? >~<
 my "teehee" face after the event i managed over !
with one of my friends *hehehe, cannot call her senior or she'll piss off lol*

In the following months, i guess my life will be super busy, because i need to manage society thingy and my academic result. Although i asked the department about the requirements of the uni in UK i chosen, the uni doesn't not require high CGPA as 3.4 or what, as long as you pass all the subjects in year 1 and 2. I have to remind myself, i can't only be that kind of student stand at the point of requirements required, but i gotta make myself beyond the requirements. So, i gotta study hard 24/7. Also, too much of unhappinesses happened at one time lately, i don't really can manage and i breakdown yesterday, cried so damn hard. *sigh* Unhappiness go away ! End post friends ! =]

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