Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to hospital ; Busy day

taken at Starbucks @ Gleneagles Intan Medical Center

Bang! People, i back to hospital on Wednesday's morning because of my serious stomach problems. Hey, don't worry i'm fine people. The reason why i don't like to back hospital is because i didn't like to inject some medicine by others then i feel asleep, and i can't feel anything. The feeling is same like a dead person, you cannot feel the pain inside your body. So ya, everything goes right! I remember the Doctor Jason Chin told me that i wasn't having a serious problem like 2 years ago, it was a small matter but my mom insisted to magnify it. My mom forced me to do ultrasound scan in order to make sure every thing/ organ inside my body is doing their job well. I did it! The Doctor said, if i don't want my mom forever nag me, he asked me find a husband or boyf to control me ! Anyone ? lol ! Isn't it weird ? Doctor asks me to find husband and boyf -.-'' Like doctor like friend lol

*result of ultrasound scan - good news*

Well! Skip the part i went to hospital, today was another busy day for me. Since i'm PR of Chinese Cultural Society in HELP University, i have to be there for my society's event. Today in the department of student affair (DSA) was having a big society and club's day ! It was a blast with people around, even we don't know each other but we played together ! So happy ! The theme for the day is Pirate, but when i first stepped in the DSA, i saw zombies ! Omfg !!! hahahahaha I wonder if i went to the wrong place! It was a blast blast, happy happy, fun fun event ! Super happy! Although i have to be transporter, because after i done the ultrasound in Gleneagles Intan Medical Center @ Jalan Ampang, i have to drive back to Pusat Bandar Damansara jalan dungun there! After the event, i drove from PBD to Jalan Ampang again! Thank you Waze, or else i will stuck in da jam and don't know take more than 20925253985 minutes to reach Jalan Ampang at 4pm like that, the beginning of busy hour. I'm a busy body, trust me hehehehehehe

*Weather of the day (for myself) - Sunny & Hot 43*c*

*Night people, following posts will relate to my medical report and events coming*

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