Monday, May 20, 2013

#Happy520 ; Wo Ai Ni Kuai Le

Good night people before you go to sleep ... hehehehehe here is me again to update my dead blog ;p I feel that i update quite often during my semester break, do you think so ? At least, erm... more than during i fighting with my studies. hehe So, back to the main topic of today ! #Happy520 means ? I love you, Wo Ai Ni in mandarin, Ngo Aoi Lei in candonese and so many other languages to express i love you no matter in Japanese, Korean, Thai and whatsoever languages. Heyyyyy, I hope that i don't miss today #happy520, so i decided to post a not-so-related picture here ;p

the sunset view in desa park city 

How's ur #happy520 goes so far ? Happening & sweet enough ? ;p Don't get diabetes okay ? hehe

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