Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reason why i like cappuccino !

Gonna start this cute topic to bomb u guys :p hello peeps ! who don't like cappuccino ? and coffee arts ? tell me hehe ! I'd like to say, i like coffee art for the 90235809245 times. How about you guys ? U guys definitely know about why girls always like cappuccino or coffee with cream as topping ? Nahhhhh, i going to reveal the "secret".

Because of Korean drama ;p see some of the scene from drama ! dang dang !!!

cappuccino moment in secret garden korean drama

Here is the scene ! hahahaha from secret garden korean drama, the topping on the lips of the girl then the boy kiss here to clean up the topping ;p evil enough ? hahahaha i can say some of the girls really believe this will happen ! *i'm not* btw, i do snap some of the funny picture while i was having cappuccino hehehehe hehehe i learn from secret garden only ! ;p

 Ahhhh, awkward ;p cam with a big cup cappuccino when i was chilling at secret recipe with story book  =]  heheehe end da post

There will not be a guy does what in korean drama. Wake up girls.

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