Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A visit in Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

  • Yo, I've been blogging a lot of my personal life instead of food ;p time to update you guys on food ! Teehee in this hour ? Yes, seriously ! hehehehe just few pictures ! Today's food topic is Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar Jalan Telawi 2 !

 here is the menu of Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar (picture i got from internet)
 Another menu in Antipodean Cafe Bangsar 
 *Big breakfast with toast, sausages, mushroom, scrambled egg, hash brown, and bacons* 
It's nice, tasty, worthily. 
I like it

 *dark mocha*
Good looking (coffee art), tastes great, like it. 

 here is when big breakfast meets dark mocha 
 *cappuccino from Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar* 
 Look of my brunch ;p

Rate for Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar 

  1. Food - 7.5/10 (Nice)
  2. Service - 8/10 (Friendly & Nice)
  3. Environment - 4/10 (In Malaysia I'd like to call it pasar style cafe, because i feel super noisy when i stepped in. Anyway people if you want taste great, try this cafe, i think normally this place we wouldn't stay there for long time. So, it's good to give a try.)
official website - http://www.antipodeancoffee.com/

I went to this place because my friends always go to this place to have brunch, so i decided to give a try on it. Last Wednesday i was supposed to be here with another girlf, till then, she put me airplane! Ohhh suck, then i whatsapp another girlf asked her brunch together lol That's why i was there ;p

Next post gonna post about Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village II ! Heard it before ? Have you ? =]
Stay tuned !

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