Sunday, June 23, 2013

First cook in 2013 ; Current Read

The first time i cook in year 2013, hehehehe people don't be so surprise because i only cook once in a while. Today i cooked Carbonara Sausage Mushroom Spaghetti for my family as dinner teeehee ! I'm being a good daughter.
 I know it doesn't look tasty, but it's only my third time cooking spaghetti in my life. 
*ding ding* this picture with effect :D 

This is how i spent my Sunday afternoon and not only this of course ... I'm reading a new book after i done with the trouble of flirting. Here it is !

The book named - Keep Sweet by Michele Dominguez Greene. 
(But the story line of this book is kind of imba ? i think ... lol)

So people how you spend your day ? By the way people, drink more water ... The haze hits Malaysia and it's quite serious .. Take care.

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