Friday, June 21, 2013

Opus Jay Chou Cover Song Contest by KL SOGO

Hey people, me again of course ! I'm recording a video for Opus Jay Chou contest by KL SOGO ! Hope i can be the lucky one wins 2 vvip tickets ! Support me guys ;p my faces ... again ! Pattern a lot !  I wanna win win win form this contest !!! KL SOGO, hope my entry will be selected then i can walk away with 2 vvips !!! Yes people it's two vvips !! I desperately need it !!!
 Before i record my own video "what, why i don't look pretty in the video?"
*dadang* spot my Jay Chou T Shirt from Jay Chou's previous concert ;p 

 Some entertainment in the middle of my recording ;p
Not to forget, this very cute iPhone 4 silicon case is bought from Taobo ! Hehehehe, i bet u hardly look for one in Malaysia, and it's quite cheap. Even after added shipment fee the case is only less than RM20 bucks ;p Where to get ya ? Tell me tell me ! So ya, i will be recording two songs in the video, but just to tell you guys that my voice doesn't sounds nice because i haven't fully recover from my sore throat. I just do my best and hope i could be one of the winner. That's all matters right ? =] 

Here is a Jay Chou song i wanna share ..

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