Thursday, July 18, 2013

Milk & Butter Restaurant and Cafe @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Story begins with ... Last month, I have done my camp as one of my PR projects in Chinese Cultural Society then yesterday i had a little celebration with my committees. Originally we weren't choose Milk & Butter, because there was about 10 of us in total. Yesterday, which was Wednesday it seems everyone was busying with their own stuff that was why only few of my committees attended this celebration. Since, it was only 5 of us in total attending ... I decided to have the celebration in a comfortable restaurant and cafe rather than a roadside restaurant lol. Here comes the food pictures, everyone likes it !

 Sausage Platter contents of beef sausage, chicken sausage and lamb sausage 
Not bad !
 Here is my Sausage Platter with a 3/4 of Hoegaarden ! 
It was my first time trying Hoegaarden, the famous German beer ! 
Not bad, not bad i like it. 
 Bolognese Spaghetti ? My friend said it was tasty and big portion.
 This is Seafood Spaghetti ? I suppose .. I didn't remember its name ;p 
 Aglio Olio Mushroom from Milk & Butter Restaurant and Cafe 
 #pictureoftheday in instagram : @llengleng

Group picture of the day, i guess i'm the shortest one 
hahahahaha what a happy day !

Detail of Milk & Butter Restaurant and Cafe

I heard from my friend the breakfast set at Milk & Butter are highly recommended, i did not try, if you have already tried, tell me ;p 

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