Saturday, July 27, 2013

My first Lepak with Nuffies @ Coffee Société, Publika

So ya here is my first outing with Nuffnang which is the #LepakwithNuffies hahahaha. The feeling was awesome even though it was the first time i joined Nuffnang event. In #LepakWithNuffies, we (bloggers) have free-flow of coffee and cakes ;p hahahaha don't jealous of me k ? Join Nuffnang for further events ! Hope i have the chance the to join other Nuffnang events ! =] Bloggers chat, play, communicate and everything ! I like !

 My redish faceeee with pink top, lips, watch, kicks and my forever pink spirit !
The first half menu from Coffee Société, Publika
 The menu look of Coffee Société, Publika
 Bloggers & Nuffies 
 The Anne's smile 
 Cappuccino with coffee art on top (super awesome)

 The Minion's coffee art from Coffee Société, Publika
 Lucky leaf coffee art from Coffee Société, Publika 
 Bloggers :D 
*Thanks Nuffnang*
 Potatoes & Red Velvet cake from Coffee Société, Publika all thanks to Nuffnang :D 
 oh nom-nom !
 The one i met - Anne ! One of Jay Chou fans ! 
 The always appear in Nuffnang event - Dustyhawk
 One of the blogger new friends @kelly2988 twitter :D 
 The people from blogger sphere & nuffnang !
 the random shot
 The surrounding of Coffee Société, their instagram @coffeesociete 
 the black guy from Coffee Société, Publika
The group picture from Henry a.k.a CleverMunkey 
My selca pic ;p 

Details of Coffee Société, Publika

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