Friday, July 26, 2013

Crazy Malaysian Queued for Minion toys from McDonald's

 Can you believe it's just 10am in the morning and McDonald's full of people ?
 long queue for the second batch of minions !!
McDonald's @ Selayang Mall 

As you can see from the pictures, this queue up for minions toys really happened in Malaysia. I was one of the citizen queuing for it. hahahhahah wait i have part two !!! The last batch of minions !! I went to queue up in the midnight lol from 10.20pm untill 12.30 like that ! I can say it was an unforgettable memory !

McDonald's @ MRR2 highway 
*you can see the queue, it was a long queue but i did not take much pictures* 

Jerry ~> Breakdancing !
So called the last batch of minion ! 
 the evil one ? Noisemaker !!! teeheeeee 

When Evil Minion meets Jerry ? 
 The combined picture of the day. 
here is the first batch and second batch of minions, i managed to get my toys ! :D 
Can you ? 

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