Sunday, September 15, 2013

back to childhood ; fighting with final exam

 If and only if i could relive any moment i had in my life, i would choose my childhood time for sure because it was the time i do not have to consider so many tough questions in life. I want to be a child, i want to back to the time when my parents hugged me, i want to back to the time i used to be happy 24/7. So i blog about how desperate i want to back to my childhood time and also what cartoon character i like. Teehee !

 The little green man / Green aliens from Toy Story ;p 
with a peace & smile away my worries.

Sometimes i worry too much about things/ people around me, worry if they going well or are they happy all time. Then i forgot my happiness, my own happiness. Recently i'm in fighting mode due to my final exam in 2 days time. I should be studying, i should ... But sometimes i afraid of failure, i remember there was a time i scared of math then i cried alone ... Super tough time i had. I never had any tough time than that because of math questions i guess ... 

Back in my high school time, i was one of the students who scored well in math .. not to say very good but i can still handle the paper. Until now in college, degree time .. I feel super tough ... Maybe i do not have a good sense in numbers that is why make me so hard to "be friend" with maths. I was super duper emo because of math .. as i will be tested in just 2 days time ... I'm scared. I hope my bestf "The 925" would always support me no matter what happen. I will fight till the end. People, how you all doing ? Well ? Good ?Fine ?

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