Monday, October 7, 2013

Desserts @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid

Months ago, i went to Sunway Pyramid to have a good shopping time with my cousin. Then we decided to try out some desserts from different restaurant/ cafe. After some time we spent in Sunway Pyramid, we decided to have our dessert time in Delicious. So pictures below are what we ordered. 

 Strawberry Chocolate Pavlova @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid
(Not really a good choice though, it's like a macaroon but it's a big macaroon. I feel so so only, the look of the Pavlova is really nice, the taste is just so so.)
 The inside look of Strawberry Chocolate Pavlova @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid
 Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid
(This is good and worth the money for sure, you can try out people !)
 Cappuccino @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid
(The hot-drinks cappuccino is nice too.)
 Latte @ Delicious Sunway Pyramid
(As i said the hot beverages over there is good choice though)
 Desserts me & my cousin ordered. 

Details of Delicious @ Sunway Pyramid 
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  • Personal rate: 6/10 
  • Comment: Try the high tea set salmon sandwich, that is awesome thing I've ever had. 
  • Add on: Sometime Living Social selling some of the Delicious high tea set coupon ! Keep your eyes on people :D  

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