Saturday, January 11, 2014

First resolution of year 2014

Yes, Hello people Happy New Year to you all. This is my hair before and after a hair cut. In this brand new year, i guess there are many people decided to get a new look on their hair, so am i. As we all know, after the hair cut *especially i decided to cut quite a lot* some people may question why i cut my hair so much, what made me decided to cut ... the reason behind my decision. The answer for my sudden decision is no. There is no answer reason behind, i just want to get a new look because i'm bored with the look sexy look :p 

6 inches, a lot right ? Some of my friends ask me how i let go of 6 inches ? Oh well, i'm that kind of impulse people. Anything i feel like doing i will just do it like no body businesses ... I know this behaviour is bad, but i think i still have the conscious to identify what is good and bad. I will not let myself get into any bad thing. So, my dear readers, have you guys get a new hair cut ? Any special wishes you wanna make it come true in this brand new year ? :D

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