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How i remember my 2013


In January, i kick started my year 2013 with a bunch of nice people in my life. I went to countdown with my friend at Desa Park City, the place was crowded, people were happy to welcome year 2013. I never thought that after a year i'm here to blog out my recap for year 2013.

 The lights all on the lake @ Desa Park City
My face, Sok Qun, JasonY

Middle of January 2013, I was an actor for chinese stage play performance. Until now, i didn't know where i got the strength to pass through all difficulties during the practices for stage play. I feel thankful to have these two cutie pies, they made me so many happy memories. Whenever they are in the practice, i never feel lonely. We fill the 3 hours practice with our stupidness, crazy, laughter... I definitely won't forget what i had with them.

 Jojo, Kylie & I
Still us, the three
Hello, my ladies there
I was on the stage perform with all these awesome people
The time when i stood on stage, don't forget that.


 To mention all these i never really blog about here. These pictures are about stage play celebration, it was so good to have a gang like this ... to have fun, chit-chat, jokes, picture time with them together... It was a bliss to me. I adore these people.
 Me, Kylie,Vivian (My gf"s")
 Hello Girls !
The happiest moment in February !!!
Bestf, yolo.
Why you hide your face huh ?


I still remember the story behind this picture i drew. I hate the feeling of someone leaving me alone. I tried to cheer myself that time, it wasn't that easy, every time i miss the person who left ... I cried. I used about half year to let go those memories ... Let go is not easy. Really !


The April dessert moment would be the best Orea Cheese Cake from Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village II ! I think i blogged before if you follow my blog =]


Comes to the moment i can leave everything behind and feel the beach, sunset, giant sun on the sky, etc. In May 2013, i went to a camp with a bunch of awesome people in my life. They are all from Chinese Cultural Society, and some of them i knew them through course, foundation or friends. The feeling sitting by the beach just chill and take picture is breathtaking like i not sure whether i'm in the real world or dream.

In this camp, i didn't take part in every game due to my stomach sickness. I was there all time to take picture of my friends, beach, sunset and things not related to camp. LOL ! Lifeless right ? Isn't it ? Oh no, i did play some of the easy games and i tortured my friends. Life was too good during that time, i have not lost thing mean a lot to me.
 Jump shot is a must on beach right ?

Me, Jojo, Sinyee, Yong Hao


The most challenging task i did in 2013. This is it. The camp i organised, i forgot how many times i cried for the camp. There are so many obstacles when i organise it. Problem of human resource, camp location, camp fee, and all facilities... I was so tired after every meeting, i even no appetite to eat. The feeling i had was all alone during the time i organised, the friend i called best friend left me alone when i needed someone to talk to.
Souvenir for camper
The group picture of my camp and campers.


Bello, still remember the minions craze ? I have collected all nice minions from Mc Donald's hahahaha How about you people ? Did you collect ?

 Yesssss, July is my love mama's birthday ! These are things i bought for her birthday (the little celebration)
 The look i first tried ... elegant ? hmmm :p 
Here comes my lucky July treat! I won premier ticket of The-Roof Top file by Jay Chou!!! I was so excited, and the movie was great, even my mom said so. Have you watched people ? This movie never fail to make me cry because of the great story-line!

To my friends who know i have many outings with different different friends (tuition, secondary, college, primary, and etc). One of the best things in my life is i get to know all these people. Do you know how much i love them? I guess this probably the one last group picture of us because some of them further their study in UK and Australia ... I can't help myself from missing them. They are all my loves. These people they never change, i mean at least since the time i know them until now. They are the best best best people in the world!!! xoxo
 My crazy lovely misalian gang !!!


I went to my ultimate idol - Jay Chou's concert. The concert ticket was so hard to get. I still remember i queued up about 8 hours ? From morning 8.30am until 4.30pm i got my ticket! I was lucky because i have two other girlfriends line up with me. Can you imagine about4 thousand people line up there like crazy mini protest (but not a protest anyway) in front/ around SOGO KL area. The concert night was a blast, i saw my idol Jay Chou for the second time since the first concert i watched in year 2011 with vvip ticket i won. This year i went to Jay Chou concert with just P2 ticket.. So far from the stage *sob sob* I really love Jay Chou so muchhhhhie!!!

picture cr to my friend Carolyn


The most happiest month in year 2013, because it was my princess month :p Please do not mind i call myself a princess or ... queen ? hahahaha i like to call myself that way! Yes, i'm a September baby! The best thing in my life is having a best friend who had celebrated my 4 years birthday. What could i ask more ?

Birthday treat from my bestf/ fav boy so far. I still remember that time when he wished my "happy birthday" a day before my birthday, then i questioned him back "why this year you didn't celebrate with me?" then he answered "i thought you weren't free" "I'm free" ... Then my lovely bff came to my house in 20 min pick me up and he drove me to Grand Hyatt Thirty8 for dessert time. Happiest thing happened in the most unexpected way i guess. I remember my happy face, his happy face, and our laughter in car. The person i appreciate the most in my life so far as a best friend. I love him.

Second birthday treat from college girlfriends (Gjl & Lovie). These two people i have never thought we would be friend in life, but once i started my degree year with no one ... I met them ... So the story starts there.. Hahahaha. They treated me Botanical High Tea Set for my birthdayyyyyy !!! OMG !!! My favourite :p Thank you people.

As mentioned early, i love to stick with my tuition friends. This picture taken in the farewell of my sweet girl (Peggy, girl in middle). She wants to further her studies somewhere in north UK, i forgot what University she went ... Sometime i miss her so much when i flashback every moment we had in the past 4 years when we were in the same tuition centre. We had the rojak together when we were sitting in front of a mamak ... That look ..ugly right ? HAHAHAHA #Mykindofhighschoollife :p


The beginning of October, i gotta show you my fac boy/bff's birthday treat from me! The first picture below was the birthday treat i gave him two years ago hehehehe. This fried rice was my master piece, my very first time cooked fried rice for best friend! Well, the bff's birthday was on 4th of October, that day i had to work until 10pm. Also, my naughty bff always have night outing ... I hope to make him a surprise, so i told his brother what i up to. His family was so good to me...helped me dragged my bff till i reach his house after my work. The unexpected thing was ... he knew everything when i stepped into his house =______= ! OMG! Well, my love bff looked happy i came to his house to celebrate his birthday!

 He asked me "Please don't cook for me anymore, don't torture me ..." efff !!! ><" 
 Orea cheese cake for him from Marmalade Cafe @ Bangsar Village II
That funny face i had when i took picture of us .___. 

Dadaaaa ! Celebration for an event i contributed last year hahaha the celebration was a bit late? I know right, can't help everyone was busy for their own stuff ... Ain't nobody got time for that until October before my friend (also the event president) fly off to New Zealand ... I had a lot of fun with all those people who attended the celebration. After the celebration dinner, we all went to Mid Valley watched The Insidious 2, oh-my ... The movie was not scary as i thought...just the story line i need some time to figure our hahahaha my friend was there to explain me the story line *thankful*

This picture ...awww ! I wouldn't forget what i did! I feel so proud of myself as i done this "super hard task" of the year all by myself --- As a dancer. Dancer? What do you think of it when it comes to your mind ? I called a hard task for me because i do not have the soft body or the patience towards dance. The reason i went to the audition was, i wanted to learn some thing new. I know as a dancer i able to learn too that is the reason i did not refuse to be, i manage to be! Performing in front of people is not a scary matter, yet dancing is.

Girl friends' day !!! From breakfast to tea or lunch time then ciao back home! My precious time well spent with girl friends! ahahahah don't know how to describe the feeling when i met them after we graduated from high school. Love them as always.


Lovely girlfriend/bff date with this lady Vivian. Another important friend in my life! I love her life my family, future boy friend, cousin!!!

 Bestf Vivian's graduation day
Sweet sweet day in 2013, after the graduation ceremony of bestf Vivian, i went to my bff house he cooked for me and we played sing k at his house lol The time was so crazy! hahahaha thank you my bestf love you as always.

Parents bought me iPhone 5s since my previous phone iPhone4 LED cracked :/


December, the last month of a year. The busier month i have in 2013. I need to handle 3 events, my studies, outing and so on. Really a busy girl! After all, i still manage to hang out with my favourite gang in college! Here they areeeeee! After the third day of the event, we went to have a sing k time at Loudspeaker @ Kota Damansara ... roughly 16 people -___- i never expected that lol but it turns out unbelievable happy time i had with them. The flow of day, event, sing k, steamboat, birthday celebration at crystal crown hotel! Busy and happy dayyyyy !

I miss the event ... The back drop, facebook, participant and everything. 
Girls !!! 
 Sing K dayyyy !
Not to forget the day i went to Doraemon Exhibition with this gang! I saw 100 doraemon, some of them i've seen in comic book when i was young like primary school age? lol I don't really remember but i guess it was really happy to see my adorable comic character! So happy to go this exhibition with this gang though they always bully me though verbal, i know they treat me as friend that's why they did it -_____- Wait friends, don't too over :p

Thank you all the people who made my 2013 prettier, happier, brighter ... I love you all. 

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