Friday, May 23, 2014

D'italiane Kitchen

Well guys here is a post i wrap up my experience in D'italiane Kitchen. Below are foods i had in Sunway Giza branch, Paradigm mall branch. and Jaya one branch. Hehehe I just love this restaurant/ bar so much // Their tasty food keeps me.
 Neat and clean table setting
Chicken Risotto *always my first choice*
Pizza *i hardly remember its name* 
 Another kind of spaghetti ! It tastes good though (according to my friend)
 Carbonara Mushroom Spaghetti 
 Risotto Con Pancetta (with beef & steam rice) 
Tasty max !
Avocado Ice Cream
 Pumpkin Soup
Fresh Mushroom Soup

 Al Fungi Aglio Olio Spaghetti 
 Al Fungi Risotto 
believe me their risotto is so good! 
Big pie with many fillings lol once again .. i forgot the name lol 
Chili, Chicken & Mango Pizza 

Personal rate: 8/10
Comment: Great service, food, environment, good location ... all in one place!

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