Sunday, June 29, 2014

My happy internship life with Shoplympics!

Heyyylo people! I'm back with this post "Best Intership life with Shoplympics!" How many of you had an internship life before? How was it? How was your workplace, colleagues, and surrounding of workplace? In this post i gonna tell you what i feel best about my internship life! Keep reading!

The first picture shows you that how my little table looks like. A table with my laptop, ipad mini, and maybe my handphone on... Well.. from what you can see from the picture, my company's culture is kind of open. I work in a happy, open-minded, harmony, and caring company. 

Other than my table, my office's wall is fill with inspiring and motivated quotes. As my main topic of this post, i gonna tell you more about my office's culture. There is an old uncle.. not really old ... He's 62 years old.  He is a kind, cheerful, and caring uncle. Moreover, my one and only colleague named Tinisha, she is a cool, happy, crazy, and open-minded girl as well. I had so much fun with her in my first month of internship life. You must be thinking what about my bosses... hehehehe Well.. Generally i have 5 bosses, each of them has their own specialise. They are successful and inspiring people. They are not even 30 years old, yet they have their own business :D They are my role models ;) All i can say is ... I'm so lucky to work with this company! Remember the name! Shoplympics! 
"Dream like there are no impossibilities"
"Just google it"
 Quotes in photo frame hanging on wall :D 

DADAAAAAAA ~ Now is time to tell you about my company :D 

Landing page of Shoplympics

The combination of a blog and online shop together! 

Why Shoplympics exists? 

Features to make your online shop and blog easier! :D 

The good....!!! The boom...! All templates in Shoplympics are designed by Korea's top designers! You do not have to have any HTML and photoshop knowledge, yet you can set up your pretty online shop in 10 minutes! This is super cool! Don't you think so?! I just love this idea so much :D 

After all pictures, now let me "officially" introduce Shoplympics to you guys *especially online sellers from facebook, twitter, instagram, and blogspot* Shoplympics is a new online platform that provides online sellers a place where they can set up their own online store under 10 minutes. The best thing of Shoplympics is actually it has the combination of blog and online shop together. For the blogspot seller, this is really cool thing to them as they can sell and blog about new arrival at the same time! Woots! I feel so happy to work in this company! So ya... people if you're interested to set up your online store, you can head to! If you have any inquiry, you can contact me directly through email at or Another good news is that, we are having a program called "Prime Member" that benefits you if you're our first 20 user to set up your online store in Shoplympics! We will grant you everything including templates and features for free in your life time :p sounds cool isn't it? Do you want to try out today? Let's do ittttt! 

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