Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gone Already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Micheal Jackson had gone on 25/6's a big news cause he is nice though his face very ugly but he is good ...good in many people while they are in misfortune ...a good people died ...50 years old only still young ..younger than my father ....sad ..

In additional to , just now jean said SS501 will come to M'sia for their concert ...Go or Don't ??? Don't know yet ...December still long lah is June already so fastttttt...OMG ...this few day during my tuition i feel some things not well cause my friend some things wrong ...i hate the feel!! me and u are friend u are not my boy friend pls don't do some thing i hate ..!!! maybe i don't know how to reject u ..i scare our friendship will change ...i am a girl ..i 'll mind your actiion ...pls let off me lah ....

Recently , i like to cook some things special let u all see the picture that i cooked at 3pm ...XD brother said it 's very delicious ...XD ...but last time i had learn cheese tart and friut tart now this is the special one i design by myself...inside is fried rice ..

nice mah ??the second time i fried rice ..the first time was i 5am waked up cooked for my dad XD...first time my dad said me okay in cook ..but my mom said i'm bad .... = =''...why said like that lah ???disappointed....!!!advice u all , malaysia A(H1N1) break through 105 cases...becareful all don't go to everywhere shopping , lunch time use a box ...pls don't go out !!!!!my friends school got the h1n1 ..mami i don't want to school monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...will my mom let me stay at home ???the acc so hard..!!who can help me ????my god ......

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