Sunday, July 12, 2009

S&S !!!

This Saturday and Sunday i have many many things to do ...sigh...this Monday i dislike the assembly cause need to heard to much rubbish from the teacher and all the headmaster ..hate !!!Monday , i note many inside my note book cause later will forget it but now i m remember ,this week i want to download some new theme for W810i ..long time there i not update the phone through the phone can not use and inactive SIM card ...and i want to add some picture ...XD..i love jay chou , kim bum , kim hyoon jun ,kim jun ....korea F4 !!!! i love !!!!!!!!!!Tuesday ,the sej teacher !!! who was very hate and ugly face !!!LAZY !!!the day i gone crazy ...

Tuesday also , i m chated with my friend Joey and Li Shi ( lame things) ..Suddenly ,my friend Vivian fight with the india student pavitra ...OMG !! Wat happen going on ???after this two girl fight , vivian cry ...after that her mother came .....the happen very suprise !!!the acc is very difficult to me cause now i m learning the terakru and terdahulu hard ...HOW ???what can i do ???I Dun Know What Margeret saying about !!!!my nokia phone ..what a complicated phone =) .....

Yesterday i went to jogging with my family and my mom's friend family ...the boy very good lo cause the boy 's name PEI LIANG he's good ...good in everythings ...OMG !!!! what his mom gave him eat o ???enfagrow ??? A+++???? so good lo !!!!Now i'm prepare going to 1U ...cause the
vess < cook one had spoil edi so ....bring to repair it ~....joey yi said the software meitu download but cannot download yet ...i don't know what problem is 'z.... Go out lo ...this staurday & sunday very buzy time for any fun !!!!stop it !! Let take a break!!

long way we take !!!


  1. u r buzy.i can feel tat.make sure u get more rest=).all the best!

  2. p/s:i change my blog link.