Sunday, June 14, 2009

Special Day !!

Today i went to my friend house while 2pm ..XD...the chocolate was burnt ...=) Haha ..His mom scolded us cause the pan was burnt also ...OMG !!!How to make it ???But that 's non of my business lah cause when i reached there ...they make already lah ...non of my business pls !!!XD so happy so funny ...i will upload the picture to u guys LOOK !!!XD the picture is when the time we strew the chocolate nice ...delicious ...the pic i 'm washing the dish ....X) ...
Sorry about it ...too many picture so now is not the suitable time for upload all of the pictures time ...As soon as possible ..
we strew the chocolate ,
the cheese & milk
then washed the dish ..
we used before ...
then we measure the gram...
finally ..
the cake came out !!!
nice + pretty ...
the second cake we baked ...
cheese cake !!!
the last one was the ..
the egg one but so nice
that one delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!
wat poss is 'z ???

This Tuesday , my anti Connie wanna back new york city already ...Omg so just now we took some picture for memories ...she back Malaysia one month ago FAST ..Tuesday gonna back American ...Miss her after she back New York ......
miss her ...this is anti connie ...
my dear !!

sweet heart !!!!!!kiss !!!

time happy
time funny
time yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
support me o ..
learn how to make dessert !!!!!!!!!!
finished blogging ...

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