Friday, February 26, 2010

Forever ?!

Forever this word , tell us , friendship forever , love forever , any forever ?..Many..i will write this word , forever ,in my blog due to i feel that many people say love forever , friendship forever ..Is this all only a lie ...i don't know but , i don't believe it ..friendship , love ..? this post is also a short post , only express what my feeling now ..Recently , i register a account in PLURK.COM ..but i don't think that it is good as facebook =) lols , A song i think it is good , [replay] ...nice =) the opening =) i had installed skype in my mobile =) so nice can chat with shuan shuan in skype but only said halo and bye bye ..nothing can tell him and ask him ..always ask me take care ..nothing else , now i on my skype but sadly , no people on in my skype contact =.=''' Peter offline , Ck chua offline , Yu Shaun offline =( three of them offline ...aiya =( want exam already lor !! must hard study ..SPM is coming , i really scare of it =( OMG ~!! GOD , please bless me in my first exam in this year 2010 =) Maple story , i going to say bye bye to you , my exam is coming =( okay , i will play it when my exam over =) okay this post stop here , back game life =) play awhile then go out =)

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