Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometime i feels ...

What would you think if you see this picture here ?Funny ?Pretty ?Or Nothing Special ?Anywhere,it's not the important things i would like to talk about , i would like to talk about what i did during this whole week . Monday , nothing special , my group leader absent due to his own problem , but he didn't tell us what prblem it 's .Tuesday , same , boring in class and the girl sit beside me told me she will absent on Wednesday , she --P ,i think you all know what meaning of .Right ?Tuesday , group leader -- Wei Xiang absent as well .He is one of the kindful boy.Now , Wednesday , Lishi ,John , Sam ,and others all P on that day .It's a event P on that day ?Any meaning special P on that day ?On Wednesday , i was boring .One people , but without the girl beside me , i think it's same to me , nothing special.Moreover , Thursday i'was rushing due to my tuition homework haven't done yet and i don't know how to do --BEK CEK ! I called my friend and told him we go tuition there earlier .I told him after 10 minutes i will reach his house but my mom was having her dinner .She asked me wait la , why you want so fast go tuition , then i said ok ,ok .So , my friend wait me about 20 minutes , he knows what kind of people my mom is .In Addition , Friday is the day i most like cause when Friday comes , i feel that no stress , no homework , the mood is just like relax , relax and relax .In my head , Friday is a nice day to me .I LOVE FRIDAY ! All of my homework i wait till Sunday night i only do it .HAHA.I'm a lazy girl .I miss Jeanie !Jeanie Miss Me xD!Now , i'm listening Sweet Dreams by Beyonce .Nice song .CCH's favorite song ~I love it as well. Almost 6 weeks i didn't go for facial ~I do mask as 3 a week .Scare ugly ~LOL ~No people like ugly one , must keep myself become better and better .Bill bought a new laptop .Erm , is CompaQ one , wondering what brand should i buy after SPM or after Oct ~The Pearl , Lily always ask those question in class .But i think no people pay attention in class and listening to her xD .Love Friday ~

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