Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Black Tie =DDD

Did you see you Black Tie ?This Black tie is solely for KPJ one ~It is Cool ?This picture took by Vivian Lee , I scare if i upload those pictures of Vivian , Scare Lor ~I think this class 5 Cekap very suitable for me cause this class only much homework to do and heavy stress but i love this class ~5 Cekap ,very funny , i 've fun in this class . Our Monitor --Chuan Kai , is a boy very kindful .The other , Ming Khoon --This people not much to talk to ~Today is 20/4 already , more 3 weeks + , we all having a Mid Year Exam , that's not a joke !Today 3 of my friend's birthday , Abii , Zheng Jie , Joshua .Today in class ,i was emo , no mood to talk much ~Don't know what teacher talking about and the add-math i also don't know how to do because my tuition teacher haven't teach the chapter yet , so while i 'm listening to school teacher , i'm blur ~24/4 , is Peter 's birthday , My D.cousin , i'm going to plan a suprise , so i design a special card for him , but wait pass 24/4 i only can upload the picture about the special birthday card .It 's super , very , very special .Can't buy from everywhere lar ~I hope Peter can keep it forever , and don't throw it ~If he throw it , i will cry ~Peter , wait ooo ^^ End post =)

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