Friday, May 21, 2010

The People I Love & Exam Week ~

Original Picture !No Edit !!

lols , Nic Wong ! I Love You ! Could i say Nicholas Wong is my ''boy friend'' ?Although i'm still available ~xD ~This Month --May , i 'm too busy and no much time to update my blog , exam started this Tuesday , first subject we took of course is B.M , then the following is B.I , Math and today History .Is History is a must for all of us ? Did government mention this problem , mention about the object why give us study history ? I really don't know about that , and i don't understand exact ~History , i hate you !Damn You !But , in fact , i should study it ~It would affect my SPM result and my certificate ~So , no matter how hard i will try to talk to myself , i must study this subject , because i 'm a Malaysian ~I Have No Choice ~A lot of picture , but i think i 'm too lazy to upload and no time la ~No they 'r planing what time going take undang ~The upcoming holiday for me is just only 2 weeks , not much ! I have no time ~Goshhh ! Can you freeze the time , stop at the moment , the happy moment as chit-chat with my classmate , play with Nicholas Wong and others hapiness ~Very happy ~ Today , History paper , i have memorise a lot of essay question and answer yesterday so i won't so worry about the essay question , thue essay question about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w , Sistem Birokrasi and Faktor Faktor Nasionalisme ~I did these 3 question ~But don't know whether right or wrong la ~Aiiiiiiii ~ Don't know how to describe my feeling right now .Something want to say bout , but don't really know how to speak it up ~Ashhhh !!Hopefully my history will pass in this mid - term .So next week , having add-math , science , and pendidikan moral , one of my friends got A's in Spm ! I can't lose ~I want to get A's in SPM as well ~Wu ~~Maybe after this post i will update my blog , cause i 'm in rushhh !!Friendship , i 'm starting to believe it xD ~

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