Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silent ..Shhhh

Quiet ,shhh. I need a silent world .Recently , i got Jay Chou NEW ALBUM the lastest album , [The Era] , i love JAY ~Holiday coming soon /\/\/\/\ Anyone wants date me ? First week of holiday i m free , planning go undang test , shopping , watch movie , and more & more !! But only one weeek i can go out , the rest time want tuiton , study & more ~I'm lazy to update my blog nowadays ~Maybe i need a people which could give me support , advise yet , who can do it ? BE my angel ?The boy i love , you are just a piece of my life .Thank you , you let me know how to mature a bit , let me know , don't waste my time on you ~Now i know ! Passerby ~If , If , If i were a pretty ? If i were a billionaire? If i were ....

Today , exam PJK , a subject with all rubbish ! i hate it !! HAHA , in my class , PJK also want tiru ~Our class ..So ''good'' la =DD I 'm currently listening SuperMan Don't Knoe Fly --Jay Chou ! Today i brought Jay Chou new album to school , cause my friends want to take a look ~Jay Chou New Album with 9 broochs =) So happy i got it ! It was cheap , M-RM75 ..Isn't cheap ?Today after exam , i was so boring in class , i see them play poker card in class and EVA & VIVI went back home already , what could i do ? Nothing right ?Aiya , so i take out my phone my phone and listen music , i listen Adam Lambert 's Whataya Want From Me for 3 hours ..Just imagine , how bored am i ..

After today , Public holiday , where you go & how about your plan ?
People Should Take A Break !

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