Saturday, June 5, 2010

HolidaY HellO =D

 Finally , exam is over & my holiday mode is already switch on !So excited now .Playing game , tweet , facebook , msn , and etc.Exam , during the period , i feel so nervous and everyday sleep so late.But the first thing is i must go tuition on Saturday, my tuition teacher changed the time for tuition .I felt so frustrated ~Damn ! I really hate tuition on Saturday .It will make me unfocus on study .Luckily only tuition 3 hours not 6 hours.Actually i 'm going sg wang today with my mother and sister but since i have tuition today so my sister go with her friends.

Happy, my mood of today !Now I'm listening a TVB 's drama song .It's touching and its lyric so meaningful .Yesterday i found a lot of application for my phone N85 , mostly for social network like twitter , facebook and upload picture one .Actually i wanna find some application which can straightly upload the picture i take to twitter or facebook and yet those application not suitable for my phone .I downloaded some application from Adobe and Ovi Store for nokia phone .I want update my phone , let it become a high quality 's phone .A phone with many variety application .Iphone , what good inside ?Although i really want a Iphone but never mind la .Daddy said it's not necessary for me .It's true ! I admit it !

Plant VS Zombie ?A childish game ? HAHA , i don't think so ~I've fun with it .Although it's a offline game .Good also , do not need waste money for gaming like Maple.So now , what 's going on ?My mom asked my just now want to go saloon next week or not ..I answer her ''up to you ,mom'' ~Next week gonna cut short my hair ~

Phuuuu ~blowing*
Time to say bye here.Stop Here Lor *~*

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